A camera is an essential piece of equipment for bloggers. However, there is no one good camera for all type of bloggers.

By defining your blogging needs, you will manage to find the perfect one among the best cameras for blogging in the market today.

We have compiled a list of the 10 best blogging cameras out there according to different blogging needs. Whether you are a professional or hobbyist blogger, you will definitely find your ideal camera on the list.

The Instax Mini 9 is the new range of instant camera launched by Fujifilm. This product has an analog type printing capability which enables users to obtain on-the-spot high quality credit-card size photos instantly. The refreshed Mini 9 range is also equipped with a selfie mirror and comes with a close-up lens in addition to features such as automatic exposure measurement for aperture settings and high-key mode that enables users to take brighter photos – perfect for portraits. The Instax camera is very easy and fun to use and enables users to capture memories in print, gift them or preserve them forever. This stylish, compact camera is the perfect tool for parties, festivals, events and days out, allowing users to capture more fun in retro prints with a simple motion. The Instax mini 9 comes in five trendy new colors, ‘Flamingo pink’, ‘Lime green’, ‘Cobalt blue’, ‘Smoky white’ and ‘Ice blue’

Canon EOS Rebel T6 packs premium quality DSLR features in a budget price tag. This entry level camera has easy-to-use control manuals that make it the perfect camera for blogging.

The Canon EOS 77D is the best vlogging camera. It might have been superseded by the Canon EOS 80D, but it still carries everything that you need in a video blogging camera. It has been labeled as Canon’s enthusiast-focused DSLR due to its amazing features and comfortable feel!

The Sony Alpha A7R III is among the best mirrorless cameras on the market. It combines efficiency and high image processing power to give you an all-rounded blogging camera with impressive shooting speeds