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PUBG Vikendi Map Helps Push PC Player Count Back Over 1 Million: Report

PUBG PC has had somewhat of a downturn since its 1.0 release in December last year. According to Steam analytics site Steam Charts, it was haemorrhaging players from a peak of 3.23 million in January of 2018 to a low of 895,650 in November of the same year. However the introduction of the Vikendi map on PC has helped push the player count well over one million. Not too shabby when you consider the competition in the form of Fortnite and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout aside from Rings of Elysium from Tencent.

“For starters, many who converted over to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4‘s Blackout mode may have had their fill and are wanting to give PUBG another chance,” claims a report from Gamerant. “Also, developer PUBG Corp announced test servers were live for the new Vikendi map a few weeks ago during The Game Awards, giving players good reason to jump back in to try out the new location. Not to mention the game recently launched on the PS4 as well, growing its potential audience considerably. Whether or not PUBG can continue this upward trend remains to be seen, but things are looking bright for the battle royale game.”

It appears to be a sentiment echoed by players of the game over on the PUBG subreddit.

“Vikendi just revived PUBG, the map feels so smooth and well designed,” claimed one Redditor.

“Me and my buddy stopped playing PUBG for Blackout and have recently got back into PUBG, Vikendi is awesome,” said another.

The PUBG Vikendi snow map release date for PUBG PC players wass December 19 while those playing PUBG on PS4 and Xbox One can play it from January. If you bought PUBG on PC, you can check out Vikendi now. Other additions to PUBG include the G64 rifle and a snowmobile.

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